yurbuds – simply the best running earbuds I have ever used.

I have been using yurbuds for the past year. I have found them to exceed all of my expectations. They fit perfectly, and stay in place while I am running or lifting weights. They sound great and they are very comfortable. They are well built, and reasonably priced. I have been through several pair mostly due to my mistakes like dropping them out of my pocket and driving over them or misplacing them. I currently use the ironman series yurbuds with Kevlar wires. The Kevlar wires do not tangle like traditional ear bud wires might, which is an awesome feature if you ask me.

Ironman series Yurbuds with kevlar

Ironman series Yurbuds with kevlar

They come with this nifty little storage pouch

and this is their retail packaging

This is my spare pare. I never want to be with out! Yes they are that good!

I work out five to six days a week. That includes between 12 to 15 miles of running a week and plenty of weight lifting. These hold up to the sweat and movement and stay put. It is easy to forget you are wearing them.

You can find them in most major retailers and also at their website or follow them on twitter

Here is my usual disclaimer. These are all my own opinions based on my personal use. I blog about products that I use, like and feel good about recommending. I use my yurbuds almost every day, therefore I have a brand new pair on the shelf waiting for my next mishap.

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