The Wolfram language and Mathematica 10.0 are now available for your raspberry pi

Wolfram and mathematica 10.0 are now both available for your raspberry pi. If you already have raspbian installed you can just install it like so
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install wolfram-engine

If you are just setting up your raspberry pi just download the NOOBS image or the latest raspbian image and it will be on the desktop when you boot up the image.

The Wolfram language interface is the lightest to use. Just click on the icon and wait for the lxterminal window to open up.

What can you do with it you ask? For example… do you want to know if 13 is a wilson prime?

Wolfram Language Raspberry Pi wilson prime 13

you can either enter the formula to see if 13 is a wilson prime or you can just ask the question in english.

The formula I used in case you want to follow along is (((13-1)!+1)/13)/13

or you can ask is 13 a wilson prime

It’s that easy and fast!

Now if you want a graphical interface you can launch Mathematica, I will say it takes a while to fully load but its worth the wait!

Do you want to know what the 1,000,000 prime is? or the first half million digits of pi is?

wolfram mathematica 10.0 first half million digits of pi

It only takes a few seconds to spit out the first half million digits of Pi

Again if you are following along, the commands are

N[Pi, 500000]


And if you really wanted to know what the millionth prime is, its 15,485,863

Mathematica is great for graphing and ploting data

Here is a simple plot for you to try.

mathematica 10.0 SphericalPlot3D

Now what if you want to have your pi make the Mathematica logo?
mathematica 10.0 Echidnahedron

Yes that’s a Echidnahedron if you are wondering.

Its also pretty easy to generate a Mandelbrot Set if you are so inclined.

Built in MandelbrotSetPlot in Mathematica 10.0

with the built in MandelbrotSetPlot in Mathematica 10.0 it’s easy to generate a Mandelbrot Set

You can download the Mathematica Mandelbrot notebook file here

More on the Mandelbrot set by Dr Holly Krieger from MIT can be seen on numberphile.

Mathematica can really be a lot of fun if you are into pure mathematics.

more can be read at the Wolfram blog or at the new webpage they setup for Mathematica on the raspberry pi

I think the partnership between Wolfram and The Raspberry Pi foundation is going to be very helpful for students in developing countries.

Bring on the math!

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    1. hytekblue Post author

      It will indeed but it will run out of memory when you try to do a factorial of the trillionth prime. The trillionth prime is 29,996,224,275,833 in case you were interested.

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