Win a Raspberry Pi Model B+ 512MB

So I have often thought of hosting a give away on the blog. With the launch of the new raspberry pi I decided to go ahead and pick up an extra and give it away to one lucky reader of my blog as a way to give back to the community. So Here is what you have to do to be entered to win a raspberry pi model B+. If you share a link to my blog on facebook, google+, tumblr or twitter and then comment on this article below with what project you would do with a free raspberry pi Model B+, provide a valid email address and for your website address provide a link to the social media share you did you will be entered to win. I will choose the winner in four weeks on August 20th. If we get enough entries I may even throw in a micro SD card. The raspberry pi is new and unopened and should be exactly the same as the one I reviewed.

Win a raspberry pi Model B+ 512MB

Win a raspberry pi Model B+ 512MB

I would really love to hear what projects you would do with a free raspberry pi! It would also be cool if you would consider posting in the comment where your from. Generally speaking we have a lot of readers from all over the world at least according to WordPress statistics. So lets hear what projects you would do!

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19 thoughts on “Win a Raspberry Pi Model B+ 512MB

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  2. Johannes Betz

    Hey, i’d like to take part in the give away. I shared your link via google plus, here’s the link

    I would build a robot with the pi, i already have the chassis but not a computer to control it.

    Would be really happy if i would win the RasPi
    Johannes Betz

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  4. Charles Nelson

    I would build a gps marine navigation charting system. How I would do this:

    1: use old laptop screen for interface
    2. purchase an adapter to connect to raspberry pi
    3. use raspberry pi and install android so I can access google apps
    4. purchase navionics plus maps (most affordable way to access a good navigation mapping system)
    5. purchase an external gps antennae
    6. create an enclosure for system
    7. additional items: would require a usb hub and also look at the possibility of making the screen a touch screen (this would need to be reviewed as this may not be the best solution for a boat)

    Systems like these would cost $1000 to $2000 so this makes it affordable. There are other linux options out there which may work but this one seems to be the best for my idea.

  5. dizzwold

    I would build an Unmanned Remote Observation Vehicle.
    Cameras, Gps and various other sensors so it would be completely autonomous with dead reckoning.

  6. reignsx


    I am a first-year student in computer science field at a local university in Iasi, Romania.
    As a big fan of the Raspberry Pi, I’d love to build my projects using it. It is quite hard getting it in my country, especially for a student with low incomes.

    Best regards,

  7. Lonnie Howell

    Posted a link to your blog. As for the use of the Raspberry Pi, I would use it for an updated version of my wireless weather station. It’s currently running off a Arduino Uno but with this I could do a lot more. It is open source so there’s that too.

  8. Ivan Brlas

    I would convert an old car to electric car. And use Raspberry Pi as main controler, and full smart user interface for monitoring car functions and car/battery/motor status.

    Regards. Ivan.

  9. Madison Worthy

    I am interested in using Rasberry pi in tandem with a 3D printed camera rig (designed by myself and a few awesome R&D pals) to create a custom build pan/tilt/tracking mechanism that I can attach to my touring bicycle and control safely without stopping the bike. This will allow me to capture unique on-the-go shots that otherwise I would not be able to capture!

    I envision joystick controls on the handlebars: pan and tilt controlled on the left handlebar, and tracking on the right. Perhaps I will setup tilt on both handlebars..

    The most exciting part of this adventure is that I have limited knowledge of programming, but I am a supporter of the Maker movement and I am ready to merge my artistic and scientific/technological pursuits to create awesome custom equipment! I will be testing out my creations as I make a documentary about fab labs in Europe.

    My bike tour begins in June 2015, so I have some time to prepare and test the perfect design. I will post short videos documenting my progress on my Youtube and Vimeo channels.

  10. Jay Soule

    I’d like to take the Raspberry pi for a test drive for sure. I had setup a drop cam pi in my wood shop, but the app link to drop box isn’t working – overall I was working toward having several cameras that could negotiate and auto switch to the camera with motion displaying on a website. I think it is a missing link it today’s live-streaming video world. I may not be able to complete this without help – or if something is already able to make this change please let me know. I’d like to be able to walk around my woodshop and have the camera either auto switch to the motion area or at least enable me to manually select from a switch the new camera view without dropping the active live feed session.

  11. Chen,ChunChia

    I would like to implement Raspberry Pi onto my physics experiment which is trying to creat a continuous macroscopic materwave, aka atom laser. In the experiment, I need to monitor many laser frequencies at the same time and having a program showing the condition of each laser. The raspberry pi will read the cavity signal output from the device in parallel and update the monitoring program.

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