Wiha Insulated Screwdrivers

I have been using wiha screwdrivers for the last two years. They are absolutely the best screwdrivers I have ever used. The feel like they were made for my hand. They really do fit perfectly in my hand. They are extremely well made and durable. They are highly visible. Now for the only downside I can think of. They cost about 9 US dollars a piece. But to be honest I feel they are worth it. I tend to buy things based on best bang for the buck but when it comes to screwdrivers I believe in buying and using a superior product. You can avoid so many problems by just using a good screwdriver. Since they were so expensive I only bought one screwdriver (321N) at first to try it out. After using that #1 Philips for quite some time I decided to start adding more. I certainly will continue to pick them up as I can afford to.


Wiha Phillips Insulated Screwdrivers

Wiha Slotted Insulated Screwdriver

Wiha Slotted Insulated Screwdriver

Wiha Insulated Bit Holder

The Wiha Insulated Bit Holder spends most of its time in my laptop bag.

More info can be found on the wiha

And here is my disclaimer. I endorse wiha products because I have used, liked and trusted them over the last two years. I have been thoroughly satisfied with these products and feel good about recommending them. I have not received any support or incentives from wiha, I just love their products!

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