Voyager Live 14.04

Voyager Live 14.04, a Xubuntu-based distribution with a customised Xfce 4.11 desktop was released the other day. I took a couple seconds to download the ISO. You can get more information from their website, however the site is all in french. If you like XFCE and ubuntu you will love this ISO. There is a lot packed into this 983MB download. visually this distro is simply beautiful and its also very quick. I have added a few screenshots for those who want to give it a look before they download and try it out.

The Voyager Live 14.04 desktop

The Voyager Live 14.04 desktop. Nice and clean.

It comes with the standard xfce menu system

It ships with firefox 28

and transmission 2.82

and the latest versions of one of my favorite open source non linear video editor pitivi 0.93

voyager 14.04 pitivi 0.93

pitivi rocks…

and Transmageddon 1.0 a nifty little audio/video transcoder

And on the dock you have a YouTube viewer which then launches the content in vlc

Tom Scott youtube computer humor

A special nod to Tom Scott. He has some really funny bits on his youtube channel

It also comes with darktable 1.4
voyager 14.04 darktable 1.4

and gimp 2.8.10 for editing your photo’s
gimp 2.8.10

and clementine for listening to tunes…

It also has the teeny orange calendar.

and they found room to stick BleachBit in for good measure.

In summary – As far as XFCE distro’s go this might be the best one I have ever used. Don’t believe me download it and try it out for your self. Seeing is believing. As always if you have time… leave a comment below if you have any light to shed on the subject…

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