Top 5 body weight exercises

I have truly grown to love body weight exercises. You can do them almost anywhere and they yield great results. My list is rather strait forward.

1) Pull-Ups

This is a great mass builder for the back. You engage several key muscle groups while performing the exercise. You can also vary your grip to further enhance its effects. This is certainly my all time favorite body weight exercise. Perhaps I find so much joy in them because I spent a significant portion of my life not being able to do them.

2) Planks

I cannot think of a better core strength exercise than the plank. There are several variations of this exercise. You can also perform them with a swiss ball if you wish. I certainly would do planks over crunches any day of the week.

3) Dips

I think of dips as a really steep decline bench press. I generally do my dip sets in between my Pull-Up sets. This is a great exercise for your triceps as it works all three parts of the muscle. It is also a great exercise for your pectoral muscles. Really this is a must have exercise in your arsenal.

4) Push-Ups
The humble push-up is not only great for building a bigger chest, shoulders and triceps but it is also a great compliment to planks for stabilizing your core muscles. Varying your hand and or foot placement can really bring out the results.

5) Bodyweight Squats or Prisoner Squats

These have to be done with slow consistent movement where you really concentrate on your back muscles. It’s all about contracting your muscles while you perform this. This is a great exercise to increase mobility and if you do them well you will also correct any poor posture you may have.

Now for the extra. I always feel like I have to give you one more…

So my number 6 would be the Burpee

This is a love hate exercise. It’s great because it really gets your heart rate up quickly. It gets you sweating and breathing heavy. So you either love this exercise or you hate it… or some of both… These six exercises along with some cycling or running will certainly get you into good shape. Are they going to make you a body builder? That would be a big no! But they will get you into great shape with little to no equipment. Give them a try and let me know what you think!

Several of these exercised combined with running becomes one of my favorite HIIT routines.

When it comes to exercise I love to work out with music. I also realize that my tastes in music might not be the same as everyone else so I tend to use my yurbuds when I am working out. They are simply the best earbuds I have ever used.

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