The positive effects of physical fitness

So I have mentioned before that I have seen some profound changes in my life as a result of my fitness journey. I thought I would take a moment to spell some of those out for people.

Two years ago I was the picture of unhealthy. I was around 300 pounds. I slept a lot and never felt rested. I snored and generally had very pour sleep and according to my doctor I had the onset of sleep apnea. I had significant foot and back pain. I did not have any energy, in fact I would get winded walking from the parking lot to the store. I could sweat at the drop of the hat, any hat and any time of the year. I had high blood pressure. Now for the ironic part. I didn’t really understand how out of shape I was. I thought I was in pretty good shape? I was certainly in denial.

So what are these profound changes I speak of. Well first off I sleep like a baby. I wake up rested. I need significantly less sleep than I did before which is a huge bonus. Some of this extra time I don’t sleep now is spent at the gym and the rest is spent with the family. I no longer have back or foot pain. My blood pressure is back in line, as are the results of my blood tests. I have an excess of energy. I tend to get sick significantly less than I did previously. I have not been sick with the flu or even a common cold in the last two years. I generally have a better outlook on life and stay in a better mood. I also have a higher self esteem. I can buy close off of the shelf at normal retail stores now, instead of only being able to buy clothes at the big and tall store.

After talking to people who have made a similar journey towards physical fitness I can say that my results are fairly typical.

The only major downside I can think of is that I had to buy new clothes. And for quite a while I wore clothes that did not fit because I was between sizes. Don’t get me wrong, I had soar muscles occasionally and I did have my fair share of injuries in the last two years. Those injuries were not due to my workouts but did certainly effect my ability to work out. But by and large the good far out weighs the bad.

So given the huge up side and relatively minimal down side I would say being physically fit is the best lifestyle choice for me. Here is my list of the top 5 body weight exercises if you are interested in getting started on the road to physical fitness.

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