Tails 1.1.1 released

Tails, The Amnesic Incognito Live System, version 1.1.1, is out in the wild.  This release fixes numerous security issues

Notable user-visible changes include:

Upgrade the web browser to 24.8.0esr-0+tails1~bpo70+1 (Firefox 24.8.0esr + Iceweasel patches + Torbrowser patches).
Add an I2P boot parameter. Without adding “i2p” to the kernel command line, I2P will not be accessible for the Live user. I2P was also upgraded to
Upgrade Tor to
Upgrade Linux to 3.14.15-2
Prevent dhclient from sending the hostname over the network
Override the hostname provided by the DHCP server

Tails 1.1.1 Desktop screenshot

Tails 1.1.1 Desktop screenshot

and here is the updated browser I mentioned above
tails 1.1.1 iceweasel 24.8.0 Tor Browser

It comes with all the usual suspects, Libre Office, Gimp, Audacity, PiTiVi etc…

I would also mention that memory usage is quite low which is what I have come to expect over the years from them…

tails 1.1.1 memory utilization

tails 1.1.1 memory utilization

So if you use tails its time to upgrade! You can download it here

Make sure you calculate the checksum!


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