Parrot Security OS for Pentesting

Parrot Security OS is an operating system developed by Frozenbox Network and designed to perform security and penetration tests, do forensic analisys or be anonymous on the web. Parrot Security uses a the Mate Desktop environment which is a nice change of pace. This is a Debian-based distribution similar in look and feel to Kali Linux because the crew at Frozen Network started with the Kali repository. This is a quick booting distro and runs well from a live CD as well. I took the liberty of installing this on a virutalbox VM for further testing with other distro’s. Here are some screen shots of Parrot.

The Parrot Security OS boot screen

The Parrot Security OS Desktop wallpaper

The Parrot Security OS Desktop

The majority of tools are under the Parrot menu. It is broken out well and easy to follow.
Parrot Security OS menu

Much like pentoo and Kali it has the most often used apps listed for easy access

Parrot Security OS most used apps

It wouldn’t be a good pentest distro with out MetaSploit. Once you install Parrot make sure to update the MetaSploit framework.

Another nice tool is Penmode 2. This is great for beginners because its got a lot of stuff built into one simple gui

Parrot Security OS Penmode 2

OWASP is a great tool for looking for vulnerabilities in ASP based websites

Burp Suite is another great website security testing tool

Ophcrack is also installed which is great when you need to pop a password on a windows box. Old school I know… mimikatz is a lot easier if someone is logged in already.

Ophcrack 3

Bleachbit is a nice touch

BleachBit 0.9.2

As is GParted. If it’s not installed that is usually one I install rather quickly… I realize its not necessarily security related but I use it all the time.
Gparted 0.12.1

In summary I would say that Parrot has a great look and feel. It pretty much has everything you need out of the box to do pentesting, security assessment or forensics auditing in general. Check it out and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

Want to see how Parrot stacks up in the security distro arena?

Edited to add – Version 1.0 is out… check out more here

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