Parrot Security OS 1.0

Parrot Security OS 1.0 was released by the good people over at Frozenbox Network and designed to perform security and penetration tests, do forensic analisys or be anonymous on the web. I have been using Parrot 1.0 for a week or two and so far I am very happy with it! The layout is very similar to the previous version. This distro weigh in at about 1.8 GB and it has a lot packed in there… It runs great as a live CD and even better as a virualbox guest and still better yet on bare metal! You can get it here. Go get it and come back I will wait.

First thing you should do is boot up the iso and get going…

Login with root and a password of toor

Parrot Security OS 1.0 desktop

Parrot Security OS 1.0 desktop

In no time at all you are booted up and at the desktop!

You can either just pull up the programs and get at it or you can take the time to install it.

For me the choice is easy… install. Just click on the shortcut on the desktop. Answer a few questions…

and your done with the install… It’s really that simple…. Oh how I love simple….

time for a quick reboot

Parrot Security OS 1.0 desktop

Parrot Security OS 1.0 desktop installed in virtualbox

Parrot Security OS 1.0 menu

The menu system looks very familiar

There is one new thing on the menu for sure…

Parrot Cloud Controller

Parrot Cloud Controller

Only one parrot cloud node for now… more on that in the near future…

Using the tor network for all internet communications. Yes please!

with anonsurf started they are now able to send all the internet traffic through TOR, anonymizing the whole system in a click! This is a very nice feature!

a quick check to see how up to date metasploit is…
Parrot Security OS 1.0 metasploit v4.9.3

That is pretty up to date but lets run msfupdate anyway
Parrot Security OS 1.0 metasploit msfupdate

Now lets check again….

Now we are all up to date…..

penmode 2 is still a favorite of mine….


Parrot Security OS 1.0 OWASP ZAP

and BurpSuite

No self respecting distro is complete with out bleachbit….

or wireshark

ophcrack is a nice if you happen to need to crack a windows box quickly

zulucrypt is their response to the recent events involving truecrypt, zulucrypt is now here to fill the void in the crypto scene.

It’s also worth mentioning that parrot is a cryptocurrency-friendly system, so you can easily install bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, zetacoin, bitlira and other prepackaged cryptovalues directly from their repositories

They have recently developed TCCF (two cents crypto frontend), that is a tiny frontend that makes easy to create, setup, mount or unmount encrypted LUKS files, partitions or entire devices through cryptsetup (that supports NUKE as kali does). But TCCF now includes also a strong WIPE function that makes impossible to recover deleted files, and a little GPG frontend for encryption and digital signature of files and messages, gpg is probably the best way to perform synchronous and asynchronous cryptography.

two cents cryptography frontend

at last but not least they are the first to include the first release of the falcon organic machine, releasing it by default in parrot before it was released in its official website. Lorenzo had this to say about falcon, “Falcon is probably the most powerful interpreted programming language ever made. Falcon is an open gate to artificial intelligence development and self-adaptable organic programming.” more details at

This is a really nice and rather complete security and pentesting distro.

In summary I would say that Parrot has a great look and feel, It’s very fast and it pretty much has everything you need out of the box to do pentesting, security assessment or forensics auditing in general and do it all anonymously if necessary. Give it a try… you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

I would also like to thank Lorenzo for taking the time to explain some of the finer details to me. I don’t do so well reading Italian.

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