one of my favorite HIIT workouts

I will start off by saying this is not a traditional High intensity interval training workout. This is however a fun workout for me and I usually look forward to this workout more than any other. It is in my rotation at least once a week. The circuit is rather simple after a brisk warm up you jump into this and do as many iterations of it as you can complete.

Chin-up to failure
Dips to failure
Push-ups to failure
plank to failure
run 1 mile ( I do not mean jog I mean run like your life depended on it)

On a light day I will do three to four complete sets
I will generally rack up around

35 to 40 chin-ups
50 to 60 dips
50 to 60 push-ups
and 3 or 4 minutes of planks
and 4 to 5 miles.

My routine is pretty simple. I get up eat a protean bar, drink a 16 ounce glass of water, get dressed and head to the gym. Once I get to the gym I put on my yurbuds, crank up the music do some light stretching, and a bit of a brisk walk to warm up and dive in. I generally take a 30 second break between intervals to grab a bit of water. Once I get past the first complete set I start to warm up. By the end of the second set I am sweating and by the end of the third set I need to towel off to stop from slinging sweat while I run. Once I am finished I spend five or ten minutes cooling down and stretching then head home to shower and eat breakfast and have more water. I can typically lose about 1% of my body weight during this exercise which is mostly water weight. Back when I was just lifting weights or during my summer of cardio a couple years ago I do not believe I could have completed this routine. But now I really do like this routine a lot.

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