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I have had several people ask me about my electronics workbench. So I thought I would take a moment and trow up a picture and explain my setup. Each persons workspace setup will be different. So here is mine. I have had two different responses from people who see my setup so far. One is simply nirvana from the hobbiest’s I know and the other is shear disbelief from the professionals I know who wonder how I get anything done with such low grade equipment and sparce setup. None of this bothers me in the least. My setup is more geared for bang for the buck. I can, and certainly do plenty of work with this setup.


hytekblue's home electronics workbench

My home electronics workbench

The rigol oscilloscope is seriously an awesome value as is their function generator. I simply love the hakko soldering station. The cheapy SMD rework station is not a must have but once you have one you will wonder what on earth you ever did with out one.

It’s not usually this clean but I took the time to clean up the other day and take a picture.

(Edited to add- I forgot to put my speakers back on the shelf)

I built my workbench almost entirely out of 2X6’s. The top of the bench is made of 8′ 2X6’s and a 2X4 to round out the depth to meet my needs. The legs are made of doubled up 2X6’s and connected to the bench top and bottom shelf with carriage bolts. This is probably overkill for what I use it for but I do tend to over build things in general. That is a small 2′ X 2′ piece of plywood on top for messy jobs. I like using scrap plywood for this purpose. It helps keeps my main work space clean.

The dimensions are 31 &1/2 inches deep by six feet wide by 35 inches high. The shelf is fifteen inches off of the bench and 11 inches deep and six feet wide.

Under the top shelf I have a 5 meter strip of 3M LED’s. You can see them sagging in the photo. I am working on replacing them with true RGB led’s which I have on the bench being run by my arduino pro mini. There is plenty of storage room under the bench for parts etc.

And here is an updated picture of my cluttered work space

electronics workbench

And here is my workbench in is normal state. Time to clean up, reorganize and perhaps finish up a few projects.

Edited to add – if you are looking for a good digital multimeter┬ácheck out my best budget DVM review here

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