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Today’s post is a small snapshot of several distro’s I have been working with lately. Sometimes I get working on several distro’s and don’t get a post written because I am working on too many things at once. So I thought I would take a break and write a blog about everything I am working with at the moment.

siduction 14.1.0 Desktop

siduction 14.1.0

I have been spending some time with siduction which is a debian distrobution based on the testing branch. The interesting part is that its sports LXQt desktop. It’s worth a look at the very least… I would expect to see more LXQT desktop distro’s in the near future… More can be found here.

SliTaz 5.0 desktop

SliTaz 5.0

SliTaZ is about to release their latest version 5.0 any time now… SliTaz GNU/Linux is a mini distro designed to run well on older hardware with very few resources. More info can be found over at their site

blackarch linux live desktop

blackarch linux

I have also been taking a look at blackarch. Which is a pentesting suite built on top of Arch Linux. I will say that it is a very light and responsive distro. And due to that quick responsiveness and light interface I think this could be a great candidate pentesting distro to run on a raspberry pi or as a virtualbox guest. More info can be found over on their site.

Pidora 2014 fedora for raspberry pi

Pidora 2014

The good people over at pidora recently anounced their 2014 release. It’s worth a download if you are a fedora fan and you happen to have a raspberry pi sitting around.

Now before you post your comment about the fact that the following is not distro is not linux… yup you’re right… I should have thought up a more cleaver title for this blog post. But the majority of distro’s I am working with lately are all linux based so it worked.. 🙂

PC-BSD 10.0.1 Desktop

PC-BSD 10.0.1

I have been working quite a lot with PC-BSD 10.0.1. I have only ran into one major issue and it is quite a pain. The issue revolves around the screen saver in mate. The lock screen won’t recognize your password, even slightly more annoying is that the screen saver lock screen will come on even if you have it turned off. Other than that its a nice build. I have always been a huge BSD fan and it’s nice to see they have come this far. There is still more work to be done to get the desktop environment where it needs to be. More info can be found on their site.

Edited to add – I just started looking at Q4OS 0.5.18

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