K&N 77-Series High Performance Air Intake Systems – is it worth it?

I spent about an hour installing a K&N 77-Series High Performance Air Intake System in my truck over the weekend. First reaction wow! Why didn’t I do this sooner? As an engineer I found the process to be quite simple. The instructions were concise and precise. The intake system is extremely well built. There was not one point during the install that I felt I would have done anything differently or that I wished that they had made the product differently.

The stock intake before the install

The parts provided by K&N

All the old parts are out of the way and now its time for the install

KN 77 Series High Performance Air Intake System fully installed

And here is the KN 77 Series High Performance Air Intake System fully installed.

A couple notes about the installation.

1) Although an air ratchet is not required it does make the process a lot faster for removing the bolts holding in the air box support bracket which is held in by two bolts on the side and two bolts from the under side of the fender.

2) You will need two 10mm wrenches for most of the installation. Ratcheting wrenches come in very handy for this.

3) At least in my case the included instructions were exact in every detail. So trust them!

4) Since I was not in a hurry I took my time on this and still had it done in just under an hour.

5) The air temperature sensor’s are relatively fragile. Don’t use to much force.

After the install I had to take it for a test drive. First I just drove it around the area and never really got it above 2,000 rpm’s. After I was happy with it I proceeded to hop on the highway. When I hit 3500 rpm’s I could tell a difference. My truck was much more responsive. The engine rumbled a little louder than usual. I took the opportunity to put my foot in it. When the engine approached 5500 rpm’s you could hear a noticeable roar. The truck does not have stock exhaust and it is not quiet to begin with. The performance increase through the range of 3500 to 5500 rmp’s is very pronounced. I am very pleased with the performance and the quality of the product. To be clear this will make your vehicle louder during heavy acceleration. It makes my mud tires seem quiet at 3500 rpm’s

So if you are on the fence about this intake system and filter. All I can say is that you won’t regret it! It is well built, the instructions are exact, the install is rather simple, and the performance is everything you would expect.

In summary, is it worth it? I would say emphatically Yes! It’s worth every penny!

more info on K&N cold air intake systems can be found over at their site.

One last thing, as an engineer I appreciate all of the thought and effort that went into every little detail of this product! It’s nice to see people do their homework before they market a product!

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