Kali linux instructions for beaglebone black

I noticed the other day with the latest release of kali linux that there was an image for the beaglebone black boards. You can download it here.

After you download the image you should verify it’s check sum. In this case offensive security provides a SHA1 checksum

SHA1SUM: 5a51cee36593dfe1b31904c22395b307ea2aad50

└─ $ ▶ sha1sum kali-1.0.9-bbb.img.xz
5a51cee36593dfe1b31904c22395b307ea2aad50 kali-1.0.9-bbb.img.xz

Now that we know that it’s a valid image we can proceed to extracting the image.

└─ $ ▶ unxz kali-1.0.9-bbb.img.xz

I took a moment to find a larger micro SD card because the image is basically 7GB in size unarchived.

The following command is what I used to write my image. Note that my SD card is /dev/sdf. Yours may be different check via dmesg to see where its mounted and adjust as needed.

└─ $ ▶ sudo dd if=kali-1.0.9-bbb.img of=/dev/sdf bs=512k

[sudo] password for hytekblue:
14000+0 records in
14000+0 records out
7340032000 bytes (7.3 GB) copied, 549.077 s, 13.4 MB/s

Now just put the microSD card in your beaglebone black and boot it up.

Once you are at a log in screen log in with root and a password of toor

Then start your Xwindows session by typing startx

Kali linux running on a beaglebone black

Kali linux running on a beaglebone black

The Kali Top 10 menu has become the top 5

The Kali Top 10 menu has become the top 5

This image is a 32bit version. Don’t fret too much. It will still get the job done!

This is a rather bare bones image. That is easily fixed though. Just add any additional programs you feel you need.

Do you want to build your own kali image for your beaglebone black? get the build script from offensive security’s github to do it.

Let me know your thoughts or questions in the comments section below.

9 thoughts on “Kali linux instructions for beaglebone black

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      1. Jess

        I’ve done it many times already Im not sure what’s wrong.
        I change to angstrom and it works.
        Either theres something wrong with the image which I don’t think there is bec it won’t extract if its corrupted. Or there’s additional step.
        I compared the boot files against angstrom and there’s a lot less files in kali.
        I hope u could help me with this thanks mate.

        1. Ex

          Same thing is happening to me. I followed this instructions and the output in terminal is the same:
          “14000+0 records in
          14000+0 records out
          7340032000 bytes (7.3 GB) copied, 549.077 s, 13.4 MB/s”

          But if I check my sd card it has nothing written on it.

  3. Fred

    I successfully get image, wrote it to SD, boot up. I can ping my BBB.
    Is there any way to connect without Keyboard/Mouse/Display e.g. SSH ?

      1. mike

        You will NOT be able to SSH in at first. Port 22 is closed by default. Two other ports (2000 and 3000) are open, connected to who-knows-what processes. You will have to get a USB hub, connect mouse and keyboard and connect via the HDMI interface to a monitor. Then download SSH, I guess. I have not gotten that far yet. Thanks for the needless hassle, KALI!!!!!

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