Getting started with Pidora

Pidora is the fedora arm distro for the raspberry pi. You can download the distro strait from the official raspberry pi website.

Once you download the image it would be a good idea to verify the SHA-1 checksum

SHA-1 Checksum c43178ea18063928de21daf441aa10152d4ce4f9

$ sha1sum

Then extract the image from the archive

$ unzip
inflating: pidora-18-r2c.img
extracting: pidora-18-r2c.img.md5sum

Then just to be safe verify the md5 checksum

$ cat pidora-18-r2c.img.md5sum 9e2d83c0f1572d65b60554227583b35c pidora-18-r2c.img

$ md5sum pidora-18-r2c.img
9e2d83c0f1572d65b60554227583b35c pidora-18-r2c.img

Now we are safe to write the image to our SD card. Mine is at sde but be sure to check yours before proceding.
$ sudo dd if=pidora-18-r2c.img of=/dev/sde bs=512k

3418+1 records in
3418+1 records out
1792275456 bytes (1.8 GB) copied, 100.527 s, 17.8 MB/s

Now just throw the card in your raspberry pi and boot it up.

There will be a few setup screens to create your account and root password etc… Just normal housekeeping stuff… nothing serious.

and in no time you will be at your desktop

pidora desktop

pidora xfce desktop

pidora is running the 3.6.11 Linux Kernel

pidora is running the 3.6.11 Linux Kernel

I added firefox 17 just to see how it would run… it ran but boy was it slow… I will stick to Midori

pidora  firefox 17.0.1

pidora running firefox 17

and now its time for updates… and there are a lot of them… 360 to be exact.

pidora updates via the yum extender

pidora updates via the yum extender


downloading updates


and now we’re installing them finally. (not a fast process)

And we are still installing updates… but today is a new day!


This process is not what I would call fast!

At any rate, if you like fedora you are going to feel right at home with Pidora. This is a great little distro for your raspberry pi. I ran this on a model b that was not overclocked and I feel that the performance was acceptable except for doing updates. Download it and give it a try and let my know what you think!

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