DFRobot Nixie Tube Module Limited (Arduino Compatible)

I recently purchased a Nixie tube module from DFRobot for the purpose of building a retro clock. I wanted to get a look at the module before I bought all four. It’s a rather nice and simple to use module. You can find the libary for this module over at the DFRobot site

Here it is fresh out of the box

DFRobot Nixie Module Arduino Compatible V2

I started with the sample code from their wiki

The DFRobot Nixie Module running the sample code on an Arduino Uno

The DFRobot Nixie Module running the sample code on an Arduino Uno

The wiring was rather simple on the arduino uno

DFRobot Nixie Tube V2 wiring

DFRobot Nixie Tube V2 wiring

DIN -> D11
STCP -> D12
SHCP -> D13
OE -> D10
5v -> 5v

I know this is short but I do intend to come back and fill in more details as I get a chance… I need to get three more modules to really get started on the clock. I also wanted to come up with a way to dim the brightness while I am not around. My thoughts were to either setup a pir sensor or to setup an ultra sonic distance sensor. I have also thought about writing a screensaver of sorts so the keep from having the same cathode on for hours on end. Then again I may end up going with a Vacuum fluorescent display or perhaps a large Seven-segment display. More to come as I get further into this project.

and one more picture of the nixie tube for good measure

DFRobot Nixie Tube Module Arduino Compatible V2 arduino uno

DFRobot Nixie Tube Module Arduino Compatible V2.0 Running the test program on an Arduino Uno!

It’s worth noting that caution should be taken when working with these modules. These tubes are powered by 170 volts. So if you are not comfortable working with these types of voltages perhaps you should look for another type of display.

And here is my disclaimer. Although I have written some very favorable reviews of DFRobot products as of late and there will certainly be a few more shortly as I have time to work with the OBD-II uart adapter, and some of their gas sensors, I have not been compensated in any way nor have I received anything from them directly or indirectly. These are strictly my opinions. If you find value in them great and if not that’s fine too. If you are like me you tend to read up on a product as much as possible before making that final decision to purchase a product. I have not been disappointed in any way by their products and thus feel great about recommending their products as not only well built but also cost effective and typically well documented and supported. I also have always found DFRobot products to be extremely well designed which I appreciate a lot as an engineer!

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