A slice of raspberry pi

The raspberry pi project is attempting to do for programming what the arduino is doing for engineering. You can pick up a raspberry pi board from newark. You can get the rasberry pi linux builds here. A lot has been made about the fact that it doesn’t even come in a case but from what I have observed, kids seem to prefer it that way. For a 35 dollar computer you can’t really go wrong. Personally I think it is bringing back the early age of computers. Kids are getting back into programming. Now I do realize that your resources are a bit limited with this device. However that is not really a bad thing. I would like to see a new bread of programmer who does not squander precious computational resources. Plugging this device into my TV brings back memories of a Tandy TRS-80. I did take the time to setup the arduino software on my Pi and compile my brake light sketch for my arduino uno. I realize this is yet another short post but trust me I will be posting more about my nifty pair of raspberry pi.

Edited to add – Instructions for loading Kali Linux on your Raspberry Pi can be found here

Crunch Bang on the Raspberry Pi can be found here

Fedora on the raspberry pi can be found here

Arch linux on the raspberry pi can be found here

FreeBSD on the raspberry pi can be found here


raspberry pi compiling my arduino brake light code


raspberry pi hardware


current raspberry pi hardware

You can also add a web cam to your raspberry pi via the Pi NoIR camera board

Edited to add – As of July 15th 2014 The new Raspberry Pi Model B+ 512MB has been released.

Edited to Add – As of February 2015 The Raspberry pi 2 model B┬áis out and readily available.